Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Countdown to Spoon Knife: from "How to Time Travel in a Closet"

Today's excerpt from The Spoon Knife Anthology appears in "How to Time Travel in a Closet" by N.I. Nicholson.

Autonomous Press is now taking pre-orders for The Spoon Knife Anthology, as well as Barking Sycamores, Year One and Imaginary Friends.  Order at  (See the latest issue of Barking Sycamores online at

I’ve piloted back to this moment to see you
as you were, a skeleton carrying your own ruined self –
a hungry ghost, deflated shriveled skin, mouth unhinged
to scoop up stray bits of the love you never got –
over your shoulder. You clobbered the girl that I was
with your miserable sack of nothing, beating into me
the whippings you got as a girl. But know that
I am rebuilding myself:

I have the technology, I am learning how
to regenerate, and I am reincarnating as a queer
man. Are you surprised? I am becoming what you
hated most. 

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